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Halloween Field Shoot 2017

We celebrated Halloween in style for our monthly field shoot, with archers taking on Zombies, Ghosts, and Vampires. Who better to have along with you during the apocalypse than a highly trained and well equipped


Hull Raceway Karting

As a departure from the usual composure of the archery field, several members took on a different form of activity on Thursday evening, although competition remained as solid as ever. Twenty-five archers climbed into overalls

New Starter Challenge

The inaugural New Starter challenge took place on Sunday 15th October, allowing our new members to experience their first club competition, taking part alongside archers of similar abilities. Congratulations to all those who entered, we


What a fantastic year it has been for classification awards and 2016 seems to have been dominated by the ladies.

Two of our junior ladies, Elizabeth Cass and Hannah Fox, showed great potential from day one, both shooting



The Cornucopia festival took place over the weekend of 24th & 25th September at Burton Constable. Alongside the fantastic music and dance acts, our archers held have-a-go sessions for members of the public to have a