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What a fantastic year it has been for classification awards and 2016 seems to have been dominated by the ladies.

Two of our junior ladies, Elizabeth Cass and Hannah Fox, showed great potential from day one, both shooting in the under 12 age group and gaining their 3rd , 2nd and 1st Class awards inside a month after completing their training sessions.

Hannah has progressed to another level and achieved recurve Junior Bowman class and is the youngest junior girl to achieve this classification.

Moving on to the senior ladies, both Emma Elliott and Linda Green achieved their 2nd and 1st class in 2016 and with continued determination and dedication both achieved Bowman Class. Emma with the Longbow and Linda with recurve.

Elizabeth, Hannah, Emma and Linda have been highlighted because of their rapid success or Bowman achievements. However, congratulation and well done to everyone who has been successful with their classification awards, completing the 180’s and personal bests.